Remington RM2599 Maverick Pole Saw Review

Remington RM2599 Maverick Pole Saw Review

Pole saws are chainsaws that are shaped into a pole. Pole saws provide users a versatile power tool that can conveniently cut high branches. It is a handy tool for trimming bushes and trees from a distance.

If you have strained your back and arms while dangling off a ladder to fix unruly foliage, investing in a pole saw is worth the money. Now, you won't have any trouble trimming overhanging branches around your homestead.

The Remington RM2599 Maverick is a gas pole saw that allows you to forgo using a ladder for cutting tree branches and limbs. The engine of the pole saw utilizes QuickStart technology for making all pull starts convenient.

The 25cc 2-cycle engine is powerful enough to conquest challenging tasks. The 8-inch bar and chain are mounted atop an extension pole, which is 7-foot high. This means you can reach up to 12 feet for using this pole saw.

The auto oiler keeps the chain lubricated at all times. The engine is also capable of accepting attachments for turning the pole saw into a hedge trimmer, blower, edger and much more.

It is available with a 2-year limited warranty. With a convenient design, the product is a blend of technology and technical expertise.


There are several benefits of using this pole saw, including:

  • Powered by a strong engine
  • Automatic oiler
  • ​Built with a 25cc 2-cycle engine
  • QuickStart technology
  • The chain is always lubricated
  • 8-inch bar and chain mounted on an extension pole
  • The efficient design makes it convenient for you to cut overhead braches while minimizing kickback
  • ​Functions at various branch heights with two unique pole lengths. Users can remove the pole segment for using the saw in a shorter configuration.
  • Capable of working with varying lengths and attachments

Other Remarkable Features

Users find it an incredible product for reaching up and bringing down unwanted limbs. The powerful cutting power and extension of the pole saw makes it one of the most popular pole saws available in the market.

Users are particularly happy with its 7-foot extension pole that comes with a removable section. This makes it suitable for working at several different lengths. It is a pole saw that is meant for serving multiple functions.

With other basic attachments, the Maverick transforms from a simple branch-cutting machine into a robust hedge trimmer, garden cultivator and blower.

This model from the famous manufacturer is a pole saw that blends convenience with hi-tech technology. It comes with an impressive range of settings that are great for pruning and trimming all around your garden.

The pole saw is versatile and comes with unmatched specs to make it a powerful product. Users can also buy multiple attachments to the end for buying a multipurpose tool to cater to all garden tasks.

The concept behind the product is to keep things simple by offering users with a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine, which makes challenging cuttings tasks convenient. This also helps users to save time.

What Others Say

A majority of buyers who have used this pole saw have given positive reviews. They find it particularly useful for reaching difficult branch heights that are impossible with regular pole saws.

Moreover, the power consistency offered by the pole saw reduces the stress your body bears with other conventional pole saws. People who have used this pole saw have experienced less strain on their shoulders and arms.

Remington RM2599 Pole

The pole extension feature is particularly liked by all users. Remington comes up with a model that is suitable for people of all ages.

All attachments can be purchased at a relatively low cost. Other models that have similar functionalities do not perform the way this product does.

The small amount of kickback with an eight-inch bar and chain makes it extremely handy for difficult situations where you have to take care of troubled areas and overhanging.

The pole is constructed from steel, offering durability and strength that makes it a professional pole saw for long-term use. The length is just right to make it work efficiently for low hanging branches from the ground.

Buyers are also happy with the two-year manufacturer warranty that protect buyers in case of a problem with the parts or engine. Several consumers rate it highly on Amazon and other online retailer websites.

Buying Advice

This product holds a very good rating on All users who wish to buy this product can purchase it for about $160 from Amazon with free shipping.

Customers are happy with its slick design and unbeatable performance.

Most people have described their positive experiences in detail to emphasize how much valuable this product is.

Remington RM2599 Maverick

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Slightly cheaper variations of this type of pole saw are also common. However, this pole saw has received better ratings than other conventional pole saws.

Overall, the Remington RM2599 stands apart from its rivals with the versatile design and dozens of outstanding features to make it worth the price. If you want a product that is a perfect blend of comfort, convenience and upgraded technology, you should buy this pole saw.


Everyone knows that most gas powered sole paws have a relatively short lifespan. They may also require regular and meticulous cleaning with heavy-duty maintenance. This is where the Remington RM2599 gas pole saw takes the lead. It is easy to maintain, clean and use. When you don't want to use it as a cutting machine, turn it into an incredible trimmer or blower to get more out of the powerful machine.

It is sure to fit every buyer's budget. The power consistency and ease of use will help you shape your garden the way you like. You also have a pole saw that puts less strain on your body and is extremely easy to maintain.