Belpink Tree Pruner Pole Saw Fruit Picker Lopper Review

I am sorry, but I just have to come out and say it! If you are somebody who is 50+ years old you really need to start thinking about staying off ladders as much as possible. I am not try to be rude disrespectful or anything of that sort. I just think that there comes a time when we should start making better decisions and stop putting ourselves in harm's way. Even if you are younger than 50 you should start making decisions that make your life easier. That is just the key!

There is no reason for you to go through the hassle when their are better options out there. There is nothing wrong with having better tools that allow you to work faster and not wear yourself out. There is no shame in that it is not less manly. For instance for a while know ladders are no longer an essential tool for gardening. That is just a fact. I understand that attaching a tool to a 10 foot pole is also not the best of options for some people. I was very reluctant at first to trade in my old tools for all of the new age stuff. Especially when it came to tasks like picking fruit off of my trees. I have a lime, and orange tree at home and when the season came I would get up on a ladder and hand pick all of the good fruits. Put them in a basket and then get back on the ladder to cut out all of the bad fruit. I almost felt like I was running a fancy vineyard that produced fine wine.

While I still enjoy day dreaming that someday that will be the case I just don’t have the time to hand pick everything. 

I found a product by Belpink its Long Tree Pruner With Pole Saw that is essentially a three in one product. 

It is a pole saw, pruner, and fruit picker. The pole saw feature allows you to attach many different varieties of saws to the head. Easily only tightening or loosing a couple of screws. 

Although this might require extra tools to do it is really not that complicated, and it ensures that the saw stays in place. 

Ultimately you can attach a saw that fits your cutting needs you would just need to adapt it so it can be screwed to the pole. It has a 100% manual use there is no electric or gas powered motor for this product. As far as the pruner goes it can perfectly cut through small branches. Basically anything that can fit inside its opening can be cut.

Key Features of This Highly Rated Tree Pruner

  • Long Reach Pruner Extends from 4.5 to 9.6 feet in length
  • After cutting the fruit branches the pruner will hold it until released in your fruit harvesting pocket, cut pieces securely until you release, making your pruning or harvesting chores easier.
  • The ergonomic spring-loaded handle will spring back to allow another cut and help reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
  • 4-Extensions 4.5-9.6 feet telescoping lightweight aluminium tube with comfortable handle.
  •  Works as pole saw with easy-to-install free blade.

Where Can It Go Wrong?

If we had to look for a flaw in the Belpink Long Tree Pruner With Pole Saw I would have to say that its durability is still up in the air. It is made out of very lightweight materials that typically have problems down the road. However I think that as long as you don’t misuse the product it will be fine. It is a product that has very clear limitations especially the pruner. So if you don’t want it to malfunction take care of it properly. The braces on the pole extensions are my biggest long term concern. I have had these become loose or just not being able to keep things as tight as time went on with other products.

 Again however I think the limits are very clear. It is not a heavy duty product at all! It is more of a pruner than a pole saw in my eyes.

That grab feature is basically its best feature to me since I have a use for it with my trees that I spoke of earlier.

Maybe picking fruit is not your type of need and that is fine too. 

One of the best Fruit Pickers

It has that awesome feature for picking fruits where you can cut and hold on to a part of the branch set the fruit down then release and continue cutting. That is basically what makes it one of the top of the line products for fruit picking. The pole has a pretty basic extension system. It has two braces that can be extended or shortened then fastened so that they stay in place. Kind of like some camera tripods have. The pole extends up to 9.6 feet which depending on your height means you can reach up to around 12 foot trees. Finally it is super lightweight. It might be the lightest one out there and one of the easiest to use.

Final Verdict

Have you ever been at a supermarket where the products are divided into aisles and you find that there are products in the aisle that shouldn’t really go together? That is essentially what would happen to the Belpink Long Tree Pruner With Pole Saw. It is not a product that can compete with the professional gas powered pole saws. Frankly if that is where home improvement stores have it shelved they are doing the product a huge injustice. Although it is technically a pole saw it serves other purposes that go beyond cutting up logs. That being said it is a tool that can fulfill specific needs extremely well. Plus it is easy to put together and start using which makes it a great starting point for people who are trying to get into landscaping. Like any tool the best one is the one that makes your life in particular easier. 

I think this tool can be that tool for many people. Especially at that very affordable price. A lot of people are actually turned off by the low price immediately associating it with a low quality product. The reality is that although this is sometimes the case with low cost equipment the same is true the other way around. Not just because you pay top dollar for something means it is going to perform like clock work.

The Belpink Long Tree Pruner With Pole Saw is still a pretty new product and so far so good at least as far as the customer reviews read. If you want to get more info on the product and want to read other opinions other than my own before you buy checkout the reviews

For all of the latest customer reviews and possible sales. Hope you found this review useful. If you have any comments or concerns please let me know! Remember whatever you do get off those ladders!

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