Poulan Pro 967089701 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Pole Saw/Trimmer Combo Review

I usually like to think of multi purpose tools like transformers. One minute they are a tool that can help you cut the next they help you blow air all for the price of one tool. Obviously that is awesome, however just like the transformers movies these products tend to fall off once you try to do to much of something or too many. If you get a product that's like the first movies it a serviceable product that you can essentially keep using and it will work out. Then there are those products that just went to far and tried to do to much at once that are not serviceable for one feature or the other. That’s because they tried to do to much or have too many assets just like the last 3 movies from that franchise. You may think that this a horrible analogy and your probably right I went to far, but that is exactly what happens with most multipurpose tools.

Having to attach or reattach heads to go from one feature to the other ends up messing up the tool’s overall performance a lot of the times. In some rare occasions though these types of tools actually do work out.

That is what the folks at Poulan are trying to get done with their Poulan Pro 967089701 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Pole Saw/Trimmer Combo. First off I think that pole saws and trimmers do and should go together.

So it's a no brainer to combine them as long as you do it properly. It seems that for the most part this product works properly for both features which are sawing and trimming. The pole feature can be used with the saw or the trimmer and work decently. The switches from trimmer to saw can be done easily without the need for extra tools.

So you can essentially switch them out and continue working in minutes. One of the biggest problems that people have with gas powered products is that they are hard to start especially if you don’t use them regularly. This tool actually tackles that problem. With an Air Purge that  removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting. The pull start also has an upgrade that is supposed to let you just choke pull and start as easy as that. So far from what I tried out it has worked easy, but I have not stopped using it for a long period of time to verify it works every time. Any way if you are familiar and accustomed to using gas powered products then even a little starting hassle should not bother you that much. Also the chainsaw and trimmer can be used without the pole feature so you don’t always have to be cutting from afar you can get up close and personal. 

Is There A Big Issue With This Product?

This is one of the products that has really been beaten down by the critics and these bad reviews really have some truth to them. The Poulan Pro 967089701 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Pole Saw/Trimmer Combo had a carburetor issue that plagued many of the first products that came out. This obviously lead to people leaving very bad reviews for the product in many of the web pages that sell it online. Supposedly the problem had been solved. As far as I know and have tested the issue has not come up so far in my testing. Another big issue is the weight! There is no way around this one the tool is very heavy for a tool this size. It weighs 14 pounds which is just way to much for me for a product this seize. However there is a reason why its so heavy. It can ultimately have a reach of 14 feet at full extension. These types of tools like I have said before at times when it comes to pall saw light weight products with long extensions tend to wobble. So they are not the safest or make the cleanest cuts most of the time. If you want long extensions you are going to have to deal with the weight. 

It’s really hard to shake off a bad start for any product. The Poulan Pro 967089701 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Pole Saw/Trimmer Combo has to deal with this issue. Besides the carburetor and the weight people agree that it works great. If the motor works properly this tool can be attached to more heads than just a saw or a trimmer. So if it works for you it can become the base for many other tools. That is why I don’t believe the price to be that high. As far as performance it can compete with the best of them in extension it can reach higher than almost any other product. 

  • Detachable shaft, tooless coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage
  • SureFire Fuel Delivery System. Easy as..Prime, Choke and Pull
  • Effortless Pull Starting - Spring assisted starter system for ease of starting
  • Auto return stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting
  • Air Purge removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • Would You Take A Chance On This?

    This is one of the toughest decisions I had to make there are just way to many bad reviews out there with this product. However if your version works you can really use the heck out of it! So it’s a pretty big gamble if you just can’t shake those negative reviews. So I think that is the biggest issue. Poulan Pro is usually a very consistent manufacture. Actually this product might have the worst customer satisfaction rating out of all the Poulan Pro products. However the customer that got a problem free product also unanimously agree that the performance is one of the best out there. Honestly I am going to put this verdict totally in your hands.

    Check out all of the features that the Poulan Pro 967089701 25cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Pole Saw/Trimmer Combo has. Just try and keep an open mind when judging the product. Obviously the people that received the faulty stock will totally trash the product. The issue has been fixed as far as I know. Try to buy a new product rather than a used for this one.