Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner Review

I have a couple of trees in my backyard that are just constantly dropping a lot of pine cones and other pointy things into my lawn. It was getting really annoying I could literally not take a small walk in my backyard without getting things stuck to my legs or inside my shoes. I am obviously not a nature hater I quite like the outdoors, but it really wasn’t working out that I had an untamed forrest for a backyard.

So I started looking into options. I am a hands on guy, but also pretty clumsy so I don’t like working with huge powerful equipment plus that was not what I needed for this particular project. I looked into electric pole saws, but eventually decided that I would go old fashion on this one. 

So I picked up the Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner. It really gets the job done in my eyes.

For me one of the biggest issues was safety. Not only personal safety, but for any of my kids or family members so just the thought of having an electric chain saw attached to a 10 foot pole in my garage was too much of a risk. 

The Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner can easily be assembled or taken apart. You can remove the saw and keep it in a different place to avoid any unwanted injuries from curious kids. Also contrary to what you may believe it is not that difficult to handle.

I imagine that electric chainsaws/polesaws cut easier, but I am not The Rock Johnson and I have no issues getting what I need done. Plus you save big on gas and you can just assemble and start using as soon as you get it no worries. 

Notable Features

This Fiskars pole saw and pruner is packed with features, all designed for the convenience of new and expert users.

  • Easily cut high branches with a sturdy tree trimming system that extends 14 feet and features Power-Lever® technology for up to 2X more power
  • Includes a precision-ground steel pruner for cutting branches up to 1-1/8 inch thick and a 15 inch WoodZig saw for removing larger branches
  • Oval-shaped fiberglass poles greatly reduce flex, allow you to control the cut direction and fit the natural shape of your hand
  • Secure double locking system ensures the extended pole stays put
  • Full lifetime warranty

Old School vs New School

A lot of people are going towards electric or gas powered polesaws, I know that, but besides the safety issues I did some research and really was not impressed by any of them. First off with a traditional saw you do not harm the environment in any way.

Gas powered pole saws are big contaminators and not only to the environment in general all the fumes fly directly at your face. So that is not an empowering feeling at all to me. Then there is also gas prices that you will have to cover every-time you want to get something done.

Not to mention starting them up is a hassle and they constantly require small fixes. Electric ones still use a whole bunch of oil so they are not fully green so to speakAlso if anything goes wrong you are essentially fried, and have to buy a new one. You can’t go wrong with the old school. Keep the saw sharp and you can actually surpass the limits that electric ones have as far as performance. 

The Fiskars Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner has two ways to use it. You can use the precision-ground steel pruner for cutting branches up to 1-1/8 inch thick and a 15 inch WoodZig saw for removing larger branches. As I said before if you keep the blade sharp you can cut thicker branches that other pole saws just won’t tackle.  

The pole extends up to 14 feet it has a secure lock so that you don’t have to worry about it getting shorter or longer than you want it too. It’s perfect for residential use as you typically won’t be cutting down really thick trees or anything like that. Plus it is a lot safer to use while cutting near wires or any electrical appliances. As far as assembly goes all you need is to attach the saw it is pretty easy to do. It comes with instructions, and you will never need neither fuel nor batteries to make it work. 

You Get What You Pay For

I have tried to make this very clear throughout and I think I have done so. This is a tough old school product simple to use simple to assemble with key features that can make your life easier like being able to adjust the pole length and have it stick there. Many of the knocks on the product from verified users really are about the saw itself. And how the would want to be less flexible.

I think if you keep it sharp you won’t have that flexibility problem as it will stick directly to the tree once you cut in. So that really depends on how you take care of your blade really. Also if it had a heavier blade which is what many people point to as a way to fix the problem really that would make the whole pole saw heavier. Holding up a heavy 14 foot pole is really not the answer to me. 

What Others Say

These types of purchases really depend on 3 main factors to me. Number one is it depends on what you need the tool for. Number 2 is what is your experience or what type of tools do you feel comfortable using. Number 3 is ultimately what is your budget. Within these guidelines you will be able to find the right product. If you are looking for a low cost high reward product and you feel comfortable using traditional tools for small tasks this product just might be for you. Especially if you need it for small tasks. There is really no need to invest greatly on a product you are only going to use a couple of times.
If you want to read more reviews on the product as well as get the latest deals that are available on this and other options check out 

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You get a chance to read more reviews so that you don’t only have to take my word for it. There is a 60 year old woman who supposedly was able to get all of her gardening needs with this product. So if you were wondering if it is easy to use that may answer some of your questions.