26 Foot Length Tree Pole Pruner Tree Saw Garden Tools Loppers Hand Pole Saws Review

I really hate the quality with which products are being made these days honestly. Poor kids save up the whole year to be to afford a new phone only to have it break within a week of use. I know that maybe they should take better care of their things. That is also a fair argument, but what I save up to buy are tools! And to me if you have a heavy duty tool you should be able to keep using it for years and years until you eventually retire it because of wear and tear, but not because of total break down. At least that is how it use to be. Now every industry is producing products with lower costing and less durable raw materials. Which really is stealing money from all consumers since the finished products have not gotten any less expensive. But this is not a price rant what I really want is tough durable tool that gets the job done! That is getting harder and harder to find these days.

Recently I was looking for a very long pole saw to groom a couple of palm trees. There are a whole bunch of options out there when it comes to pole saws, but not that many that can reach over 20 feet! 

That is when I came across the 26 Foot Length Tree Pole Pruner Tree Saw from Garden Tools. As it name reads it is a pole saw that can extend up to 26 feet in the air. 

It has a pruner feature and you can also attach a pole saw to the end. It comes as a kit with different poles. So you have a base and a head and you can attach all of the poles that come in the kit in between the base and the head and to ultimately reach 26 feet. 

The only problem I can find with this feature is that you cannot adjust the height automatically like an extendable pole saw instead you have to set it back down and attach or take away parts to find the right length. However the attachments can hold firmly in place and can easily be removed or put back on as many times as you want. The pruner comes directly attached to the head, and the saw can easily be attached to the end of the pruner, by simply screwing it on with only two screws. So it is not that difficult to adjust to what you need at any given time.

The saw is 4cm thick which is roughly 1.5 inches. You can actually see a video of somebody being able to cut down limbs from a very tall palm tree. Which eventually sold me on the product. Also the durability aspect was a big one for me. They have a picture of a guy standing on the pole saw which is balanced between to bricks without it breaking. I know all too well to not get caught up in the marketing stunt, but it seems legit. Especially since durability was a huge need for me at the time.

  • 26 Foot Length - One of the longest on the market
  • 4cm thickness, thicker than other saws
  • Scissor on the head
  • 2MM thickness, very durable

Wobbling May Be An Issue

Guys I am not going to lie to you 26 feet in the air is just no joke. Holding anything up that high is not an easy task no matter what type of tool you are using. That is the reason why not to many tool manufactures take on the risk of producing a pole saw with this kind of reach. That is why I strongly recommend putting some time in to get comfortable with the tool itself.

 I know that the first thing we want to do is get out there and start chopping away at the tallest tree around. That is just not a smart idea specially if you have never handled tools like this before. There are reviews out there of people who hate on this pole saw because they fell over or got hurt trying to prune tall trees. Start of with heights you are comfortable with and build your way up. Avoid getting yourself hurt. It can and does get wobbly if not handled properly. Not only does that not show up in the manual which I think is this products biggest issue. There are people out there who complain about not being able to even attach the saw to the pole since there are no clear instructions. To set the record straight this was a product that worked really well for my needs, but I do have to recognize this is not for beginners. So for me I really relied more on experience and intuition to set up this tool! If you don’t have that experience it’s going to be hard at first to cut down branches over 20 feet high in the air!

Expert Buy

Extended at maximum capacity this pole saw can be quite useful if you know what your doing. Which is a huge bummer for new users that have the need to cut prune things like 30 feet tall palm trees. Especially if that is your only one true need to purchase this product. I can tell you it works as advertised when handled properly. The issue is that is not easy to handle. Another bummer for rookie users that have those needs is that most all other products that you can find especially in this price range will typically have the same issues. Also I would never in my life recommend that you get on a ladder and use this product at a lower height so you can handle it better. That would be like trying to do an extremely dangerous circus act with no previous training. Just utterly insane in my book. What to do then? Well for me I would do what I previously recommended buy the product get use to it and then gradually keep climbing up. If you’ve worked with products like this before you can easily hit buy you’ll know what to do. 

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