How To Trim Very Tall Trees Safely

Do you have tall grown trees that need their branches trimmed or pruned because they are dangling over things that they shouldn't be? 

Tall trees on your property offer great shade, security and wind insurance as well as enhancing the value of your home. Large, older trees on a property have a certain indication of success. However, having trees requires a decent amount of upkeep and maintenance.

The bigger the trees, the more troublesome their maintenance is. While numerous chores and errands can be accomplished by yourself, usually the trimming of bigger trees ought to be left to an expert. However, if you choose to trim tall trees then make sure you do it safely. Getting rid of dead wood and the trimming of branches on a tall tree will include climbing into the tree, which can be risky if not performed properly and with due care. 

We will tell you how to trim tall trees safely but before we get to that, it is important to know the reasons and advantages of trimming tall trees. 

Why Should You Prune A Tree?

Trees are trimmed for one of three purposes: grooming, health or safety. 

Grooming – Trimming a tree viably keeps up its shape and appearance. Nonetheless, you shouldn't attempt to force a peculiar size or shape on a tall tree. The measure of trimming that is required could truly harm the tree. 

Security – Dead or padded branches and appendages can tumble off, which is a genuine danger. In case the branches of your tree are blocking your vision, then they ought to be trimmed. Tree branches and leaves sometimes grow too close to utility lines and you should contact the service organization to deal with such issues. 

Wellbeing – Diminishing the crown of a tree enhances wind current, which can be extremely useful. When the branches are intersecting or tangled together they then need to be trimmed in the case that they fall together.

The advantages of tree trimming:

  •  Careful pruning or trimming can enhance the growth of your trees by removing dead branches. These branches can be perilous, and getting rid of them lessens the danger of mishap to your property and in some cases your family. Another pro is that it will also counteract rot. 
  • Enhances the overall structure and appearance of the tree, shielding it from producing wide or frail branches. Furthermore, trimming preserves the branches from growing more frail branches that can become entwined.  Preventative pruning and tree trimming are perfect for the wellbeing of your tree.
  • Sun exposure and air ventilation all through the tree are increased when the trees are trimmed. Make sure to be aware of any signs of allergies or sunburn, which is very common during spring and summer. 
  • Naturally pruning trees can actually really enhance the size of them as they become stronger and healthier. Some areas of trees should be trimmed in pre-spring for proper shape and to uncover the focal point of the tree to daylight. This will increase the growth and quality. 
  • leaf
    Recently planted trees when trimmed can prepare the tree for its future shape. 
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    Tree trimming can likewise basically open up your space and enhance the view.

Things you will need:

•    Pruning clippers (​Electric If Time is Issue)

•    Pole Saw

•    Safety glasses

•    Gardening gloves

•    Tripod ladder 

•    Disinfectant

•    Safety harness

•    Green-waste trash can


1.    Pruning away more than one-fourth of a tree's crown in one season could bring about unsalvageable harm to the tree. 

2.    Wear a harness connected to a strong, solid part of the tree to help against falls. 

3.    Each branch ought to be cut at a slight angle with the goal that the highest part is calculated internally toward the tree's trunk somewhat.

Guide to trim very tall trees safely:


Put a stepping stool against the trunk of the tree. Ideally, you should utilize a tripod stepping stool, which will help with minimizing the damage of the grass near the tree. In the event that you don't have a tripod step, a common ladder or tripod stand can be utilized. Utilize stepping stool points on the base of each stepping stool foot. These metallic points fix into the edges of the stepping stool and get embedded into the grass in order to help the tripod from slipping. 


Climb the steps of the ladder or tripod stand and attach a safety bridle to the trunk. Wrapping the outfit's tie around the trunk and fixing it so it is firm and secure. Hold the safety handle and fix it with the goal that it is secure around the waist. This will ensure to keep you safe if the tripod stand slips or in the case that you may fall. 


Make sure that the tree is not near any electrical cables are going across it as they could bring electric shock in case you slice through them. On the off chance that any electrical cables are inside the region of tree, procure a professional trimming service to trim it for you. It is important to wear shock-absorbing gardening gloves for maximum protection. 


Get rid of any flawed and harmed parts of the tree. This is important for the health of the tree and it is also essential for the security of the individuals who stroll close to the tree or live close by. With the help of pole saws, pruning scissors and other equipment, remove any ailing and dead branches that you find. 


You can trim for grooming and styling purposes if you want. Outwardly isolate the branches and abstain from trimming any parts which are situated over the base of the tree. While pruning branches, cut them 0.25 inches over the closest bud. Refrain from expelling old branches that reach out from an angle of 40 degrees.

Young man trimming and landscaping trees with shears.

Pro Tips and techniques:

It's usually often ideal to trim or prune a tree in the spring season. In spite of the point that you could, in fact, trim a tree whenever you think the need arises, it is still healthier to do this in early spring. Be careful about the thickness of the stems and leaves which you wish to remove. In the case that it is under 3 inches in measurement, trimming it is acceptable. However, if it is thicker than 5 to 10 centimeters in breadth, you should not trim it. Keep these pro tips in mind to trim a tree safely like an expert.   

1.    Trim branches that have weak and have a V-shaped end.  Keep branches that have solid and a U shaped end. 

2.    When trimming is finished, the section of tree remaining should be 66% or more. 

3.    Try to trim away branches when they are young because they are simpler to maintain. This will also reduce the danger of getting painful injuries during the trimming process. 

4.    Try not to trim any branches that are very close together or a bit too long. Likewise, you should not leave an expansive stub or trim the branch neckline.

5.    Before beginning a cut, search for the branch to the neckline, which develops from the stem tissue at the base of the branch. Search for the branch edge, which is on the upper surface and is parallel to the branch point at the stem. 

6.    Continuously cut outside the branch bark edge and remove down and from the stem. 

7.    Utilize a similar method to trim dead branches and living branches. 

8.    For very long stems, use the three-cut system: Make a score in favor of the stem that countenances from the branch that is being held; make the second cut inside the crook of the branch or towards the edge; the third cut will expel the end by slicing through the stem parallel to the end of the branch attached to the trunk. 


When you need to keep your tree looking aesthetically pleasing, then you need to consider having your trees trimmed and pruned properly. Trimming or pruning helps get rid of dead, fraying or broken branches and helps keep your tree remain solid. 

The cost of tree trimming depends upon an assortment of variables, yet is particularly subject to whether you do it without anyone's help or contract an expert. If you choose to trim your tall trees yourself, then follow the instructions given above carefully. 

Before you begin pruning your trees, read up on the right method to cut the branches as mentioned in the pro tips. In the event that you do not trim your tree safely then it can harm both you and the tree. 

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. Moreover, check the type of your trees to make certain that there are no particular guidelines to keep in my mind.