The Electric Pole Saw Vs Gas Pole Saw Debate

The Electric Pole Saw Vs Gas Pole Saw Debate

There’s no denying that the pole saw is one of the most effective tools you can work with when you’re in the garden, but there is often a debate about which of the pole saws is best. The electric pole saw vs gas pole saw discussion is one had among gardening enthusiasts, with either side proclaiming that their favorite is the best choice for this accessory.

There are pros and cons to be found with both the electric and gas pole saw, so we’re here to weigh up where each of them performs the best. If you’re in the market for a brand new pole saw, this simple guide can point you in the direction to make the right decision about what you and your garden needs from this powerful device.

The Gas Pole Saw

Just as the name implies, a gas pole saw is powered by gas, and just like other gas-powered tools, many people prefer the power that these devices have.

Gas pole saw.

Traditionally, all pole saws were made to be powered like this and there are many who won’t use a power tool any other way, due to the sheer power that they can achieve. However, there are some downsides to be found when compared to electrical pole saws so it depends on your personal preference.

The Electric Pole Saw

An electric pole saw is not powered by gas, but rather by electricity, and this means it stays connected to a power outlet at all times. These devices are best used with an extension lead as it gives you more room to move, and they’re quiet and lightweight to operate.

However, just like the gas pole saw there are some things that it can’t do as well as its competitor, so you really need to weigh up what you find most important in this power tool.

Which Is More Energy Efficient?

A gas powered tool like a pole saw can be extremely damaging to the environment, and like other gas-powered tools such as leaf blowers, they have the potential to emit a lot of pollutants into the environment. If you’re looking for something that is kinder to the environment, electricity powered is certainly best. Better yet, opt for a battery-powered pole saw that has the potential to save even more energy.

Which Is More Cost Efficient?

When you look at brand new electric and gas pole saws side by side, you can generally expect to pay a little more for an electrically powered pole saw.

However, these costs will even out when you factor in that a gas pole saw requires you to purchase fuel and needs more ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Another good way to check the money worthiness is to look at the warranty offered on either and consider your investment in that sense.

Which One Is More Powerful?

There’s no denying that the gas powered pole saw is capable of so much more in terms of power, but not everyone has huge tree trunks they need to chop down.

Black+Decker LPP120 saw used on branches

While the gas-powered model might sound like the best deal because of this power, you need to consider that this also makes them tougher to handle.

However, anyone with experience operating a gas pole saw will have no problems tackling the tool, and will likely find what’s on offer from the electric pole saw to be not enough in terms of performance. The gas pole saw is obviously heavier, but manufacturers often have taken care to distribute the weight evenly in these types of tools.

Which Is Easier To Use?

If you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and easy to use that requires minimal maintenance, it has to be the electric pole saw. These make barely any noise, there’ll be no vibration or friction as it operates, and you don’t need to oil it or tinker with it in between uses just to keep it working its best.

Which One Gives You Greater Flexibility?

If you look into your garden and see trees stretching as far as the eye can see or you have plans to take your pole saw with you to another location, you’ll definitely prefer the gas pole saw. Because there are no cords required with a gas pole saw and no need to stay connected to electricity, you’ll have a lot more options for how and where you can use it.

However, just because a gas power doesn’t need electricity doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep a good supply of gas nearby as well as other tools and equipment required to keep the motor in top condition.

The Final Say

Before purchasing a power tool of any kind, and especially something is crucial as a pole saw, you really need to look at all of these circumstances and find which is most important to you. If you prefer to work with minimal noise and don’t need to travel too far with your pole saw, electric is the way to go.

However, for maximum power and the freedom to take your saw anywhere you go, it might be best to invest in the gas-powered variety.

Gas pole saw.

The right pole saw should make your gardening chores easier, and never prevent a hassle or hindrance. Go into your garden and take a good look at the types of trees and branches you’ll likely be working on, and that will be your best indication for choosing the right style for you.

A pole saw can be so effective in the garden, provided you choose the right one, so whether it’s gas or electric you won’t be disappointed with everything this amazing tool can achieve.